All the Facts of Home Cleaning

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In this blog we’ll be providing you with advice relating all areas of home-cleaning.

As you can see from the above graphic, there are plenty of good reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a reputable company, not least because dirty carpets appear ugly. Even if you keep your home immaculately clean you are not exempt from getting dust and germs in your carpet.

No matter how often you sweep or vacuum your home, dirt and dust are absorbed deep inside the fabric and build up over time. Because so much is hidden, it is safe to assume that once your carpets starts looking dirty, they are in fact very dirty.

Apart from the aesethetic drawbacks, dirty carpets can lead to dust in the air which you will unavoidably breathe in, as supported by the South African Department of Health. Dust mites and fungus can also lie deep in the carpet and cause skin allergies in some.

Every day we bring pollutants in our houses, which settle inside our carpets: exhaust fumes, chemicals, soot, bacteria, pollen dust. Then of course there is the dirt we ourselves produce, such as dead hair and skin which dust mites feast on. By using different carpet cleaning services you can remove this unpleasant detritus and keep your home healthy.

Below are several main reasons to keep your carpets regularly cleaned.

- Better quality of air in your home or office by removing bio-pollutants from soft furnishings and floors

- Reducing dust that can cause allergy and trigger asthma in people prone to such illness

- Removal of bacteria that can hurt your health

- Improves colour and texture of the carpet

- Gets rids of stains that can be difficult to remove

- Protect your home’s investment

– Tony Platt

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